Our Roots

Optimum Crush was started in 2013 by Jerrod Dulmes. Jerrod had worked for Excel Crusher Technologies (later purchased by FLSmidth) as a product Design Engineer and later as Chief Engineer. He was involved with the design of the Raptor 200, 300, 400, 600, 900, 1100, 1300, and 2000 cone crushers. This included leading the design and commissioning of the Raptor 900 and 2000.


After FLSmidth closed the design office in Wisconsin, USA he began doing independent consultation. While consultation, several mines asked him to train their employees and troubleshoot issues with their Cone Crushers. He worked hand-in-hand with the customers at their mine sites to troubleshoot the issues and then create designs for improved parts that solved them. Word spread to other mines that had similar Cone Crushers and soon Optimum Crush was providing several solutions and products for various mines and crusher sizes.


Additional staff were soon needed and other experienced crushing industry experts were added. Walt Repinski was the Senior Designer for all of the Raptor crushers designed in Wisconsin and holds the same position at Optimum Crush. Dale Holzhausen was a senior Service Engineer at FLSmidth and is now the Account and Service Manager at Optimum Crush. Steve Starke was the Purchasing Manager at FLSmidth and is now the Operations Manager at Optimum Crush. Several retired experts from FLSmidth also work for Optimum Crush including the former President and applications expert for Excel Crusher Technologies, former Service and Manufacturing director, and former Director of Quality.

Together, this team of crushing experts is able to supply nearly every part of Raptor 900, 1100, and 2000 cone crushers. They support the entire machines and their optimized products have made these machines more reliable and available which have lead to lower operating costs and increased production in several mines around the globe.


Supporting Our Communities

Not only do we support our local community but also the communities of our customers. We understand the unique role a mine plays in their community and it is important that we not only support the efforts of the machines at those mines, but the people that work in them. 

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