Community Optimization Scholarship Program

Congratulations to Cori Windsor (Cudahy, WI), Christopher TenPas (Oostburg, WI)  and Emily Wensink (Oostburg, WI) winners of the 2017 Community Optimization Scholarship. Each student has worked hard to use their talents to improve their community through volunteering. 

Supporting Local Sports Programs

Optimum Crush sponsors several sports teams to help support the youth in our community as well as those around our clients. Congrats to a few  pictured below that have had great seasons.

Global Missions

Community Involvement Scholarship Program
Congratulations to Tyler Hartmann, winner of the 2013 Community Involvement Scholarship. Tyler is a graduate of Oostburg High School and has worked hard to use his talents to improve his community through volunteering.

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Optimum Crush is partnering with local schools, communities and global volunteer organizations to optimize the world around us.


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